“A wayshower is one who embodies the qualities that he or she wishes others to absorb and learn, who manifests these qualities in full measure so that the light that they carry can transfer to the consciousness of all who behold them.” – Julie, of Light Omega

“I am here to express the remembrance of ourselves as the Light Divine into beautfiul, heart-filled, spirit-touching form.”  – Lucinda Rae

Welcome to Light Divine!

Light Divine is an online temple offering, a growing community, and an art gallery of my work, all to evoke the Light within through the means of visual communication, Divine Feminine expression, and much more, to support and express the wild expansiveness of inner essence and tap into fulfillment that is beyond words.

The site is in-progress, so if you are inspired, come back again soon and please join my mailing list while also receiving your Altar Card + WoManiefsto (its good for men, too!) The Light Divine encompasses ALL while awakening feminine essence in all things to reignite the peace and harmony between the inner divine feminine-masculine principles that are sourced from our Divine Creator.



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