img_7278_small_2A Note from Lucinda:

My prayer is that my art will bring a touch of heaven into your home and life.

Light Divine art is created to ignite your spirit with divine love and activate your the light within. My hope is all my creations will bring depth, beauty and essence of eternity into your sacred spaces. They are reminders of the ever-powerful peace that is living through your timeless soul right now as you gaze upon the imagery to beckon the remembrance of who you are and whence you came.

I stay in prayer while I am painting… calling upon the angels, the masters or guides whom I am working with. The frequencies are felt when gazing upon the art. This is to uplift your space and have continual reminders that the Divine is with you. Choosing to put devotional inspired art in your home immediately brings in the presence of the light realms which the painting offers.

You are precious. May my art uplift and remind you of the presence and oneness of God within you right here, right now.

With great love, light, and life,