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Be Reclaimed as a Daughter of the Light

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I want to lovingly call out how we as women use the word “goddess”, “priestess”, and especially tossing around the phrase “divine feminine” in our marketing and in business realms. Are we really considering how we use these words? Or have they become casual lingo of many women’s circles but don’t hold the power of the Light? I’ve been doing it for the past couple of years and I’ve been shifting the way I speak about all this and I gain more awareness of why we’re here in this life in the first place.

So, WOMEN — what if we didn’t have to walk around calling ourselves a “Goddess”… because we already knew at a soul level that we are daughters of the One True Source Light? The Holy I AM THAT I AM, our Divine Mother-Father God?

I painted this today with more recent realization of what it means to be a Daughter of the Light.

Daughter of the Light

What if we know now we are to be living vessels of the real Truth, rather than identifying with being a glorified woman in the manifested realms of earth, like the Greeks and Egyptians claimed they were. Believe me, I have colorful past memories in ancient Egypt where I was a goddess queen and temple dancer, and I see how that served so much material understanding and astral magic, but I wasn’t aligned with the light and truly helping others and walking the path of true righteousness for myself.

Yes, we are here to SHINE, we are here to express ourselves, but it must be sourced through the light. We are really out of the way to make this happen.

Perhaps needing to claim ownership of being a high priestess or goddess doesn’t give us that identity… Instead, being a child of God gives you that when you can humbly get on your knees and realize how small we are in the loving hands of the divine. It’s automatic, and from a place beyond entitlement and needing to become something powerful… it is from a place of just BEING that in alignment of the pillar of light that will pour through you the moment you open to receive it. We were already born that way.

We can let go of the idea of being empowered and clenching to the idea of being strong to rise above lifetimes of patriarchal oppression.  Most of us here are blessed to live in freedom and have rights as women. What are we holding onto by wanting this level of empowerment? Let’s step out of the feminism era (even the post feminism era), get away from labeling ourselves with an identity, and simply align to the Light.

So I’m publicly claiming I’m going to stop from using the word “Goddess” as it implies ego and thinking us as women in the human form are bigger than what’s true. That’s super edgy for me, but I’ve been struggling with this energy for a few months now and ready to stand in the knowing any perceived magnificence belongs to the light. I am only here to be a channel for this Light, as much as I am able.

We must know that YES, as women, we can be expressions of Divine Mother, as an embodiment of the sacred feminine and let’s continue to be faces of beauty, light, grace, and love.

May we all step aside, let down the barriers, and let the Light flow through us instead as we walk this beautiful earth.

xoxo Lucinda

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Kuan Yin Inner Goddess Art

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“Allow the pain to wash through you like the shadowy lover’s relentless pounding on the temple door until it becomes a fading silence. Be reclaimed by your Inner King as the Beloved royal ease of everlasting peace on this sacred life quest. Let the fragrance of forgiveness forever penetrate the garden of your heart until its petals become starry constellations of Light Divine.” ~ Lucinda Rae

KUAN YIN Inner Goddess Portrait

Kuan Yin Inner Goddess Art + Photography: Lucinda Rae
Model: Robin Poett

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Tears of the Mystical Magdalene

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Tears of the Mystical Magdalene

© 2014 Words and Art by Lucinda Rae

Mystical Magdalene Tears

Magdalene and Yeshua’s love held the Keys to the Kingdom through the holy oneness of their most Spiritual Love.

Even though she wasn’t suffering in the ways those around her perceived, any tears Magdalene shed in the loss of her divine masculine mirror were a salve to the suffering of all the collective losses and grief of lifetimes past for humanity. They were the very tears she would release up on her lovers feet as an anointment of only love, drying his feet with her wavy locks in a deep honoring ritual in the highest gratitude for his service and their union of opposites and the love of the one true Divine. In loss or celebration of his love and physical embodiment, her tears were shed with the heart of hearts as she resided in the protective white-gold Light of The Guardians. She knew with full certainty death did not exist, and life everlasting resided fully in her entire being.

As she released with all her empowered presence of What Was, she placed her beyond-words Solar Love on the altar of the divine as a sacrifice to the Christ Consciousness that resounds in the far reaches of the Universe and runs as the blood through our veins.

Often the deepest work is done once we have merely tasted from the chalice of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that ultimately creates the cosmic child within us. It has to be created of our own divine natures, and not solely from the mirror of our flame. Once we connect to this Most Ultimate Source, we can go back into the world from a more wholly, healed way of being.

In some way, this union is always returned to us. In fact, it has always been with us. It is just simply reunited in our highest hearts in a new way in the rebirthing of our inner most essential nature. The one true relationship is with the Light Divine.

She steps into the fire of her initiation of sacred sovereignty while she keeps the love of God that came through her partnership forever in her heart, continually devoting her life to God and offering her burning love to the spiraling angels that circle around her always. She offers her most immense embodied love as the Divine Feminine to all beings and all of the ancestry and future offspring.

She would always have alive her spiritual match that was a flicker that transcends time, physical realms, and everything else, for us all.

Shining like two billion suns ablaze, sacred union love shines on in the light of the morning star, and in the ever-present twinkle of the Light within.

And So It Is.


Embracing Our Humanity: 5 Steps to Moving through Shadows with More Grace

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GraceSometimes here on my Light Divine Blog, I’ll be writing about topics that may stretch consciousness. I know they stretch mine and I might get a little metaphorical so you can feel it more than think it. And sometimes you may even think, huh? What was t-h-a-t? It’s all for the purpose to plant seeds of the cosmic eternal and remind you of your most epic self.

Other times here, you’ll read my more raw and very down-to-earth-feelings, where the human heart suffers along the path, stories of coping with darkness and the sticky stuff in our lives that goes along with the being in physical form.

I know all of life isn’t epic. And things are INTENSE these days for so many of us.

Sometimes I tend to want and elevate my humanity beyond realistic proportions, thinking I should be more evolved, enlightened or more able to handle all the stress and heartache with light-heartedness.  And I’m working and praying to be more full of grace, ease, and lightness, all the time. I want to always be a woman tapped into my divine inner beauty and outward shine that doesn’t stop. And at our cores, at a simplistic level, I know I am, and we always are.

But, dang, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Sometimes the day sort of blows, and that is when it is most important to remember how to be the alchemist of our own life, in any moment, and the Empress (or Emperor) of our own soul.

We can remember our epic soul, the unending energy of the universe and God… and we can simultaneously remember we are in the body, so if we eff up, it’s okay, and to forgive and move on. Instead of failing when our heart breaks, but simply learning and inevitably expanding.

“I forgive myself, I love myself…” and I keep walking and smiling.

Grace comes from accepting our humanity and keeping the cycle of flow moving in our lives.

So many times I have personally been balled over in tears with a broken heart, feeling the pain of world, and the deepest depths of my shadow self. We get our hearts broken, we suffer, grieve, process, and we heal… And then we must learn to love again, continually walking in the light and learning how to shine in our fullest potential.

So as I know I can’t always live stress-free, I have to care for myself in the midst of all the giving and output of mothering, entreprenuering, and simply living in a face-paced world full of sensory experience.

Here are five quickies to check-in with shadows to help us embrace our humanity:

  1. Notice when the balance gets thrown off
  2. Accept there is a crappy moment happening
  3. Give yourself empathy  {“Ohh… I feel so sad right now.”}
  4. Forgive yourself for not being more than human
  5. One step in front of the other with virtue and new eyes


I will embrace my epic existence while accepting my humanity.


“Divine Consciousness, please help me earn more grace and humility in this human form. I am so grateful for your guidance and presence as I go through this life.”

Opening up to Active Surrender

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From time to time, I find myself bracing onto  the expectation of particular outcome, waiting, hoping, stressing or wondering… It’s the ego-mind that expects, presumes, and creates scenarios.  We can get pretty creative in the many aspects of potential resistance. When we can look into what it would be like to loosen our grip on the expectation, to delve into healthier levels of vulnerability, we begin to find sacred surrender.

Surrender is a deeply profound aspect to all of spirituality.

I’m not talking about what happens in a loss when you give up in obvious defeat. Instead, it’s about the beautiful flow and allowance that occurs in the moment we can be invisible to passing energies, and let go of resistance.

When you’re feeling scared, worried about your kid, or fretting about some outcome, letting go of the unknown will take a leap of faith for you, and this means incredible willingness to bring yourself to the moment to do so.

You get active in what you manifest as a co-creator to your very existence in this theater show called life.

It’s when the rain begins to fall, and rather than running for shelter, you allow yourself to chill back and feel the pitter-pattering drops tickling your skin.

You begin to get wet but you don’t run for a towel. Your party dress is getting soaked, and there’s no rain on your parade.

You are in the moment of what IS.

Opening up to Active Surrender

Can you relax into the refreshing sensation of how it looks to ditch the umbrella?

Relaxing into the surrender of potentiality is an active shift in consciousness to flip the switch towards expansion and freedom.

You can be swept away with the velvety waters, and still know it’s life’s eternal flow of energy, when you know the divine is at the center, love is the core, and you deeply trust life and all it’s processes… Even when it seems like it’s just blustery and raining.

Become the zephyr dancing around the meandering leaves, the slow burning horizon at sunset, the rippling concentric circles on the mirror of the puddling road.

Relish in the ecstasy that is Surrender, knowing that you are divinely looked after. That the past is no longer visible in the rear-view mirror, and life continues to unfold with just as it’s meant to.

May you dance and glow through life, merging back into Source and opening yourself to into the space of endless love.

~ Lucinda Rae

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Goddess Guides 2015 Wall Calendar

You, Bright Star: Being the Fire of Your Own Life

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When I was about five years old, I had the role of the *Star* in the Christmas Eve nativity service at church. I enjoyed being the star since I didn’t have to say any lines. I got to keep my inner depth (and shyness) inside.

All I had to do was shine and sparkle.


I simply loved feeling beautiful wearing white with a ring of silver garland on my head that sparkled like a crown of diamonds as I floated like an angel through the lights.

(You should have seen my just-beyond-toddler-divinely-graceful-gait – yeah, a real showstopper.)

It felt safe to be my introverted child-self, speaking through my eyes and heart, and maintaining the still and magical role of a divine guiding light.

My role wasn’t just being passive while shining; I intrinsically knew it was the lead role of the star to help those wise guys find little baby Jesus, and honor him with divine gifts — it would go onto create a lovely story in history about following the bright star, the inner light of our hearts that guide our way to discover our life purpose of our highest, shining self.

It wasn’t just about intuition and fulfilling a life purpose. It was a lot more, almost beyond things I can write about today. Things of the spirit realm that I have embraced the fleeting fragrance of. Things of the cosmic void, the creation, and the vast Oneness of all Source.

While appreciating in awe and wonderment from our earthly stance, a star can somehow give us a whiff of that almighty divine omnipresent and timeless Light.

Yes, stars are quiet, as they shine their brilliant ancient fire wisdom, for those who are graced to witness their seemingly pinpointed and focused magnificence.

Starlight and fire is that which gives us light and life. It’s the holy fire that gave us all birth into this life, our spark into existence.

The light, or fire, that creates the stars, our suns and star systems, is infused with a divine spark – as is the star within you has the power to light up others creating a galaxy of enlightenment, or spreading other energy like wildfire.

Fire fuels our passions and warms our homes. It creates and also destroys. Fire is the element that can only take place by consuming, so naturally fire is the transformer; the ultimate alchemist constantly evolving and shape-shifting.

From that fire there is warm radiance that reaches to our best selves and others. Our fire is a metaphor for a trust in life’s journey to live from the golden thread of potential running through our unique life purpose. The power to transform our days and ways into positive scintillations of light.

You have the power to continually evolve as your life progresses.

It is post Winter solstice and have now begun the return of the light, let us be the transformational beings that we were meant to be. May we burn up the old karma that serves us not more.

As we prepare to enter the new year, may we rev up our inner fires of passion for life, and a zeal for all that we are meant to be.

May your days be merry and bright. May you find magic throughout your life!

In warm radiant light and love for you: beautiful kindred spirit,

~Lucinda Rae