Archangelic Light Collection (Set of 4) – SOLD

Live more safely and securely bathed within the Divine presence of the mighty Archangels. Each of these images activate a powerful vortex of Divine consciousness that is known for healing, protection and awakening.

Set of four is 888.00  Sale for group: 800.00 

(Individually priced at 222.00)

Product Description

“BLUE ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON” – for delivering our prayers and bridging us with the Divine consciousness
“GOLDEN ARCHANGEL GABRIEL” – for Divine miracles, guidance, direction, and clarity
“EMERALD ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL” – for Divine healing, harmony, peace, and mercy
“VIOLET ARCHANGEL MICHAEL” – for Divine protection and expelling darkness

copyright Lucinda Rae 2016
Acrylic on Canvas, 8″ x 10″
original, unframed



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